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Company Policies

Exceptionlab Inc.

Wholesale policies:

Wearehappytoserveyou is a project of Exceptionlab Inc. We are a very small, mostly virtual, family run company.

Wholesale conditions:

We are not accepting retailers that are willing to sell our products to third party sellers, such as Amazon, E-bay.  

Wholesale pricing:

Cups (both the 10 oz. Greek cup and the ILOVENY cup) are $6.50 each plus shipping. The espresso cup is $5.00. They come in boxes of 24, the minimum order is 2 boxes.


Credit cards:

We accept all major cards. We are using Quick Books On-line to invoice you. When you receive the invoice there is a "review and pay" button so you can input your own credit card information.


If you mail us a check, we will deposit it and once we know it has cashed,  will ship your goods. This process can take 1-3 weeks depending on your speed. The checks must be made out to Exceptionlab Inc and sent to: 228 Park Avenue South #11190, NY, NY, 10003.


We can send goods via UPS COD. Please make checks out to Exceptionlab Inc. There is an extra charge of $9 per order. We will add a $30 fee to any bounced check.


We only give net 30 terms to museums. Note that we are a small business and cashflow is important to us. Please pay promptly. Make checks out to Exceptionlab Inc. and send to: 228 Park Avenue South #11190 NY, NY, 10003.


The goods are stored in a warehouse in Maryland, USA. They are generally shipped to stores via UPS Ground or Fedex Ground. The shipping typically takes 1-6 days depending on location. It takes another 1-2 days prior to that to get the  shipment out of the warehouse. To summarize, once a shipment has been approved, it should be at your store within 2-8 days.


The cups come in recycled cardboard master cartons of 24. Inside there are 24 smaller gift boxes in which a single cup sits. These are good for protection and pretty for gifts.

Defective merchandise:

If you receive broken or defective merchandise, we will credit you on your next order or refund the amounts on your credit card. We require a full description of the defects in email and preferably digital pictures. Please note that the cups are meant to be replicas of the paper cups so the ridge on the side and a slightly faded patina are normal.


Exceptionlab sales are final. No merchandise will be returned if unsold.

Thanks for your business! We are happy to serve you! Please give us feedback about how we can do better. Email

The Exceptionlab Team