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You're not talking about just any cup. That's the legendary Anthora, perhaps the most successful cup in history.

Anthora coffee cup

F.Y.I. By JESSE McKINLEY Published: October 15, 1995 Q. I recently saw a movie review by Ed Koch in which he wrote: "The two uncles are Collyer Brothers types, living in an apartment packed with old newspapers." My question: Who were the Collyer Brothers? A. In the first half of this century, the Collyer brothers, Homer and Langley, were perhaps the most famous eccentrics in New York, a pair of recluses who lived in a booby-trapped, junk-stuffed, and yes, Mr. Koch, newspaper-packed brownstone until their mysterious demise in 1947, according to "Manhattan '45" by Jan Morris (Oxford University Press, 1987)....

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