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10 Really Cool Things to do with the Greek-Inspired NYC Coffee Cup


It’s one of the most iconic pieces of New York City popular culture that has made its way from the diner counter to the big screen, and everywhere else in between.

Leslie Buck’s now-famous Anthora cup started as a gesture to New York City diner owners’ Greek heritage— and a smart way for this salesman to increase his sales.

Today, the cup has been turned into everything from wall art, to ceramic versions, to t-shirts and toys.

Here are some great ideas to add the “We are happy to serve you” Anthora cup into your life.

(1) As art… buy a poster for your apartment or home. Add a cool frame.

(2) Use it for cool Greek-inspired cocktails at your next gathering. You can get a set of dishwasher-safe, ceramic versions here.

Sweetwater Social in New York City serves fun cocktails in them

(3) There are espresso-sized versions available too. Click here to see options.

(4) Or if you’re having a bigger party, like a graduation or picnic, buy the actual disposable cups in bulk from Solo and Greekify your next gathering. You can get 100 authentic, disposable coffee cups with lids for only $36.00, straight from Solo, the manufacturer.

(5) They’ve even made the cup into a change purse.

(6) You can also use the ceramic version for any number of decorative or household uses. To grow herbs. To store your pencils.

Pencil photo by Joan Gage

(7) Souvla restaurant in San Francisco serves Greek yogurt with various toppings in them. You can do the same at home.

(8) It even comes as a sippy cup for your toddler.

(9) Believe it or not, the Anthora cup was included in the official NYC Emoji keyboard that included other quintessentially New York things like pizza slices, rats, subway cars and hassidic Jews.

(10) Tricky Notes brand of notebooks even makes an Anthora version of their popular notebook.


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