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Salsa Dance and Coffee! What else?

And better if served in the Iconic ANTHORA cup! The Musical "In The Heights" show us how...This is their performance at the Thanksgiving parade from 2008. NY essence juts for you!

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Women 2016 Really proud and flattered to be feautured and selected as one of the Holiday Gift suggestions at!     Check them out here!    

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You Can’t Go Wrong with These.... (Acording to MoMA!)

We are on FIRE this season!Check out which are the MOST WANTED products at MoMa's Newsletter... Our Iconic ANTHORA cup is #2!

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Take a look at the latest Graham Hill project, the founder of EXCEPTIONLAB!

At His 350-Square-Foot Apartment, Small Space Champion Graham Hill Practices What He Preaches The seasoned micro-dweller challenges himself to downsize yet again.   In 2012, entrepreneur Graham Hill, founder of Exceptionlab and ideator of the Anthora CERAMIC cup, moved into a 420-square-foot SoHo studio that would act as his personal residence and a showcase for a movement. “I wanted to start a conversation about how doing more with less could improve our lives from an environmental, financial, and even emotional perspective,” he explains. Graham, who is the founder of eco-blog and other online ventures, turned to the Internet for...

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I Really Like “I [LOVE] NY” – The History Of An Iconic Logo And Ad Campaign

by Anthony Rufo  I am in New York City for the Intellectual Property Owners Association’s (“IPO”) Annual  Meeting. I have been to the Annual Meeting before in other cities and had a great time, but was thrilled when I heard that it was going to be in NYC in 2016. Even though I live in Boston, I love New York and visit often. There are so many iconic things to see in New York, and numerous symbols that represent the city, from a big red apple, to the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. The list goes on. Even if...

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